Mommy Morning Routine with 4 Kids

Let’s be real, mornings with with kids can be tough! Especially with a big family- we’ve got 6 in ours. But the biggest help for me, and the kids, has been having a steady morning routine. I know what time I need to get up, I’ve got enough time to get ready & make breakfast, and the kids know what to expect each day. And we leave the house on time! Which is a big one for me- I hate being late!

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If you’ve ever been curious about our full routine, then make sure you watch our new Mommy Morning Routine video, and i’ll walk you through all the steps on a typical school day as a stay at home mom.

Here are some of my favorite parts of our routine:

002mr copy

Morning squeeze!


Playtime together.


Eating breakfast with mommy.


Gathering & washing the chicken eggs.


Responding to YouTube comments.

What are your favorite parts or least favorite parts of your morning routine? Are you a stay at home mom, or a working mom? Want to pass along some of your tips? Well leave us a comment down below!!! I learn so much from you guys and we can always use the ideas + inspiration!

Looking for more of our routines? Check out our Bedtime Routine video and see what that looks like with a mama doing it solo with 4 kids!

xoxo Brittany

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