Instant Pot Adventures

Okay- so if you’ve been following my InstaStories for the past few days you’d know I just bought an Instant Pot… and I’m obsessed! I’ve been trying out everything from crispy fried potatoes, to whole heads of cauliflower, yogurt, and chicken drumsticks. So far I’ve been really impressed with how fast the cook time is, how easy it is to use, and I LOVE that there is no guess work with temperatures or timing. Plus no burning when i’m distracted for a few minutes with a diaper change!

Every mom needs an Instant Pot!!! Why didn’t anyone tell me I needed this sooner?!?!

instant pot.jpg

I’ve been getting a lot of DM’s on Instagram about links to the exact pot I got- especially because of it’s size and yogurt making function. Also some of the other kitchenware that we use all the time- oo here are the links you guys have been asking about!


Instant Pot with Yogurt Function (It’s so worth it!!! Yogurt recipe to come!)
I use this to keep rice or vegetables warm, and I also cook on the stovetop in it, as well as the oven!
This is my larger one- not shown today, but I love it for cooking meals for the whole family in the oven. Think 1 pot meals..
Microplane for Zesting
I used soy milk instead & I think you could use Earth Balance to swap out for butter if desired.
These are SOOOO essential!!! Make sure you add them to your cart for your next Amazon order. You can thank me later!!!
Want to see more Instant Pot & cooking adventures? Make sure you’re following over on Instagram because that’s where i’m sharing them first!
xoxo Brittany

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