Winter Home Decor

When I think about decorating for Winter, I’m picturing warm cozy knits, soft blankets, and lots of mixing textures. That’s exactly what I went with for our new bedding! I’d been stalking the new 2018 UGG Bedding collection with Bed Bath and Beyond online, and seeing it in store was all it took!

I did a full ‘Shop With Me‘ video sharing my trip in store, and some of my favorite Winter Decor pieces, so make sure you give it a watch! Oh, and stay till the end of this post for a complete list of items shown and also what we purchased. 🙂



I love that this little UGG bear has his own cable knit scarf! 😉


I love the ball fringe on this blanket!5

When it comes to bedding, I’m all about the look, and feel. This Alpine bedding set is what I settled on. Well, let’s be honest, it was love at first sight! As a matter of fact i’m snuggled up in this comforter right now as I write this very post! 😉

Let’s just say I would highly recommend it! 6We also picked up the Chemex coffee maker, and so far i’ve been blown away with how the filters remove the bitterness from the coffee. My husband was really curious about it, especially since he’s seen some of his favorite YouTubers use it. So we had to see what all they hype was about. Now i’m sold!


Here’s a look at my bed all spruced up and ready for Winter. As if you hadn’t guessed, i’m kinda obsessed with white!

Now if you’ve seen the Shop With Me video, then you might be looking for links. Here’s a complete list of items shown, as well as what we bought:

(In order of appearance)

UGG Bedding Collection 
Throw Pillows 
White Blanket With Ball Fringe
Alpine Bedding Set 
Throw Blankets
Weighted Blankets 
Faux Fur Pillow Sets
White Dish Collection
Farmhouse Gravy Boat 
Farmhouse Garlic Keeper
Farmhouse Milk Jug 
Marble Coasters 
Sink Sponge Holder
Chemex Coffeemaker
Chemex Filters 
Knit Round Pillow 
UGG for Doggies 
UGG Dog Collars 
UGG Candles 
Family Photo Set 
Family Tree Photo Frame 
Crock Pot with Mini Crock Pot
Instant Pot 
Instant Pot Cookbook 
Silicone Instant Pot Rack
Fabric Shaver
Collapsible Laundry Basket 
Wall Art
iHome Vanity Speaker 
Items I Purchased:

UGG Alpine Bedding Set 


Chunky Knit UGG Blanket 


Forest Gate Entry Table in ‘Barnwood’ 
(This was so easy to put together! Literally all the screws were the same and all I needed was the little wrench provided. I really appreciate EASY assembly.)

Light Up Glass Pine Decor 
(So cute and I love how bright this is!)

Sink Sponge Holder 
(The suction cups are great! Holds both our sponges.)

Chemex Coffeemaker
(We tried it- SOOOOO GOOD!)

Chemex Filters 

What sort of home goodies have you been into lately? Blankets and bedding has definitely been my downfall so far! What about this Shop With Me style video- would you like to see more? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo Brittany

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