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Top 5 from 100% Pure

In the world of green beauty, one of my top favorite brands would be 100% Pure. Their clean ingredients, pigmentation, and high performance have all won me over. I’m especially impressed that they are able to formulate with fruit and vegetable pigments, not FD & C dyes or minerals.

100% Pure US

100% Pure Canada

100% Pure UK

If you haven’t already seen my first Top 5 of 100% Pure video, go give that a watch, and if you’d like my video version of this post then watch here for my additional Top 5!

Ok enough chatter- let’s hop in with my first fave. This is the new Gemmed Luminizer in ‘rose gold’. It’s one of the newest products from 100% Pure and it’s actually made with real gemstones! I love the subtle gold glow of this highlight and the peachy undertones. It works with my fair skin and I think it would also do some amazing things on deep tones as well!


‘Rose Gold’


Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream



A long-time favorite for me is their Coffee Bean Eye Cream. First of all, the scent is absolutely delicious, it’s almost like a rich caramel latte. Such a luxe experience to use, and I love it even more knowing how clean the ingredients are. I have so much respect for brands that are able to create products that smell & perform amazing, all without the use of synthetic fragrance. Oh, did I mention that the eye cream has caffeine? Yeah, so it helps de-puff and nourish the under eyes at the same time!


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